Aerobicide: Feel Better

Date: Saturday 29th July

Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Venue: Ballroom
Price: FREE

‘TotalSpray™ presents the complete wellness solution for the party crowd! Lifestyle/Microwave Cooking Guru Amelia de Frost and Electro-Punk Spiritualist Babyfreeze will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aerobicide system by partying with Extreme Wellness for three-hours non-stop! Join them in the dance health revolution of having it all!’

Aerobicide: Feel Better is a performance art installation that you can dance along to. Enjoy watching the performers succumb to the physical and existential toll of modern wellness culture, set to a pumping set of mutant dance-pop classics by the acclaimed Dead DJ Joke.

Running time: This is a durational piece that runs across three hours. Drop in before or after a show, join in for a dance or settle in with a drink.

Presented by TotalSpray™
With Lifestyle/Microwave Cooking Guru Amelia de Frost, Electro-Punk Spiritualist Babyfreeze and Dead DJ Joke

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