Bomb Collar

Dates: Tuesday 25th – Wednesday 26th July
Time: 8.15pm
Venue: Little Theatre
Price: $15

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The Future. Human society has devolved into a constant cycle of revolt and revival. Music is long gone, except for one genetic throwback and his ancient, creaky instrument, on which the Last Songs Known To Man are stored.

Tonight, deep beneath the ocean and fresh from his tour of the Scorched Continent, The Last Singer gives a concert to this season’s hot new army. His ballads and anthems will become the theme songs of the revolution. He will tell his story. Attend at your own risk, as the explosive charge around his neck is live.

A one-man sci-fi cabaret about loss, myth-making and the fatal cage that is the live pop gig.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Presented by Lick Nuke Production
Performer Nick Delatovic


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