Confetti Gun

Dates: Friday 21st July
Time: 9.45pm
Venue: Mini Theatre
Price: $15

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Confetti Gun is fresh, fierce and ready to explode. With their distinctive brand of rapid-fire improv, they’ll weave your suggestions into a deranged tapestry of characters you’ll fall in love with and stories you’d tell your grandkids, all topped off with a liberal sprinkling of je ne sais quoi. (Confetti. It’s confetti).

Boasting an impressive collective resume, Confetti Gun have trained with Improv Theatre Sydney, Impro Australia, UCB, iO and Second City, and in just a few short months have gained an enthusiastic following in the Sydney improv community. Confetti Gun will be heading to Bondi Feast after both their debut Sydney Comedy Festival show and their international season at the Del Close Marathon in New York City.

“Confetti Gun is a whip-smart, joyous and unapologetic troupe. Their levels of talent are outrageous.”
– Bridie Connell (Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia)

“A whole new world of improv: Confetti Gun bring a new sense of purpose and tightly-wound improv to the stage. Why are you reading this and not watching them right now?”
– Carlo Ritchie (The Bear Pack)

“Confetti Gun is the sharpest improv troupe in Sydney. Not a dud among them.”
– Kate Coates (National Theatresports Champion)

Running time: 60 minutes

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