EXCLUSION ZONE: A Walking Tour by Caleb Lewis

Dates: Tuesday 25th – Saturday 29th July
Time: 6.45pm
Walking Tour. Meet at Box Office.

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What is a map but a way of emphasising some things and making others invisible?

Join playwright and game designer Caleb Lewis on an hour-long journey into the back streets of Bondi, mapping the city unseen and investigating reports of recent unaccountable crypto-cartographic activity.

This is the first incursion into the proposed Bondi Exlusion Zone (BEZ) since last year’s doomed Tarkovsky expedition. Potential stalkers are reminded of the attendant risks. A base camp will be established at the Bondi Pavilion. Party members will be fully briefed, trained in sample collection and view recordings recovered from prior visits to the site.

Following a series of drills, the party will then set out on foot, crossing over into the zone of uncertainty. Do not panic. In order to avoid raising alarm, the expedition will pose as a walking tour.  Sturdy boots or walking shoes, as well as wet weather gear, are advised.

Running time: 60 minutes
Please note: the tour will begin at the Bondi Pavilion. Please meet at Bondi Feast Box Office.
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