Reintroducing 2012 Cleo Bachelor of the Year: Luke Joseph Ryan

Dates: Wednesday 19th July
Time: 8.15pm
Venue: Little Theatre
Price: $15

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Coming in a hot 50 of the top 50 Bachelors in 2012, what has become of our hero? Has he let himself go? Yes, yes he has. Is he much funnier than he was then? Yes, yes he is. Would that make you watch his show? Yes, yes it will.

Luke Joseph Ryan was once a shiny young lad. He was slimed to hell and back on Nickelodeon and hosted a national Nova Nights show. Now, a bearded, bitter 32 year old idiot, Luke is delivering his unique brand of infectious stupidity in comedy rooms across Australia, and has supported comics such as Tom Gleeson, Brendon Burns and Tim Minchin.

This is his show.

Running time: 60 minutes
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