Bluebeard; or, the Marriage Mistakes of a Nameless Bride

Dates: Tuesday 25th – Saturday 29th July Time: 8.30pm Venue: The Changeroom Price: $15 Click here to buy tickets. You are cordially invited to a private function at the Bondi Pavilion men’s toilets and changeroom. A voyeuristic experience of colour, music, eroticism and violence. A young bride is lured into a rich nobleman’s world – a beautiful trap […]

Apocalypse Fatigue

Dates: Tuesday 25th – Wednesday 26th July Time: 7pm Venue: Gallery Price: $15 Click here to buy tickets. Is a climate change related apocalypse really coming? If it is, what will it look like? But is it a blockbuster film yet? Apocalypse Fatigue: Phase 1 invites audiences to consider what a climate change related apocalypse might be […]


Dates: Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th July Time: 7.15pm Venue: Mini Theatre Price: $15 Click here to buy tickets. In the late 90s, Simon was obsessed with Animorphs by K.A. Applegate – the young adult sci-fi book series about five American teens who turn into animals to fight aliens. In 2017 he returns to the series to see […]

Aerobicide: Feel Better

Date: Saturday 29th July Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm Venue: Ballroom Price: FREE ‘TotalSpray™ presents the complete wellness solution for the party crowd! Lifestyle/Microwave Cooking Guru Amelia de Frost and Electro-Punk Spiritualist Babyfreeze will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aerobicide system by partying with Extreme Wellness for three-hours non-stop! Join them in the dance health revolution of having it […]