The Cabin

Tuesday 18th – Wednesday 19th July, 8.30pm

Mini Theatre
$ 15
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Half confessional storytelling, half gay man trying a little too hard to make people laugh, and another good fifty percent a serious contemplation on the struggle to find happiness, love and contentment in a cruel, cruel world. It’s time to enter The Cabin.

The Cabin is David McLaughlin’s cri de coeur du jour… on tour. You will laugh tears of joy and think about life for the rest of your life. Have a gay old time at The Cabin.

Running time: 60 minutes

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By David McLaughlin
Producer & Tech Operator – Carolyn Mattick
Performer & Voice Coach – Jill Brown
Outside Eye & Production Support – Sabrina D’Angelo, Nick Mattick, Aanisa Vylet, Amanda Maple-Brown.


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