The Ethics of Paediatric Haircut for Long Hair

Thursday 27th July, 7pm
Friday 28th July, 9.30pm
Little Theatre
$ 15

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Isobel Yeap is a junior doctor, recently graduated from Sydney University. Antoinette Barbouttis is a confused theatre designer who was originally kicked out of NIDA and then invited back into the Masters Program, from which she recently graduated. Their creative relationship began in high school.

This is their project. A project about babies and beauty. Hair and ethics. Medicine and theatre. Amputations and audience. What does it all mean? Can the tensions of the internet be exposed in the theatrical environment and trigger a discourse IRL? Or is it all just TL,DR?

Babies have been having their hair cut for centuries, maybe even longer. There is no hard scientific evidence that even Baby Jesus was allowed to have his hair run wild. The establishment has enforced a universal culture of baby aesthetics – a culture that has never been questioned before, a culture that you, the public, have implicitly condoned.

Is there anything wrong or right about amputating the dead tissue that springs forth from the fecund scalp of a neonate? This public presentation and discussion will inform, shock and entertain you (and your baby).

In this brand new Australian play, co-written by two ethnic, millennial, bullied, post-feminist “hoes”, doctor and theatre designer set their eyes squarely on acting and directing a play on modern ethics, content-generated internet culture and the post-truth era we live in.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Directors/Writers: Antoinette Barbouttis and Isobel Yeap
Dramaturg/Choral Coordinator: Alex Lee-Reekers
Set Designer: Emma White
Costume Designers: Antoinette Barbouttis and Emma White

Doctor – Isobel Yeap
Hairdresser – Elysia Boyd
Nadina – Antoinette Barbouttis
Eliza – Nadia Talotta
Toby Blome
Sara Chapman
Zelman Cressey-Gladwin
Chris Ratcliffe
Laura Soerja Djanegara
Annie Stafford
Alexandra Stamell

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